So you’re organizing an event and can’t decide on what to do for your entertainment. It’s a classic problem that we as event organisers have all faced at some point and always raises the following debate in our minds:

Do I get a soloist? – I really like the cut back sound and costs would be low… but no that might be too soft later on, I need people to dance and it may not cut it.

Do I get a full band? – That could be fun and lively, much more authentic, but would I miss out on that cut back vibe? And the cost would be much higher… Also would they know how to play all my favourite songs or only some of them?

Do I go with a DJ? - I know they’ll have all my favourite songs so could be a safe option so that my guests are happy. But I’ll lose that live feel and interactive element which might make it boring. I mean, could I just get out Spotify on my phone and have a similar effect?

Do I go with a combination of them all? – That would be very expensive and imagine the stress of dealing with multiple people and coordinating them!

Now let me ask you; Why compromise when you can have all three in one?

Ace Avenue is an expert at providing cost effective and efficient entertainment solutions for all event types, without compromising any intimacy or energy. With an immense understanding of “ ” and through the use of carefully crafted backing tracks, stomp box, iPhone technology, strobe lighting and a powerful PA system, you can rest assured that your event is in good hands. Sit back, relax and let the night evolve from an to an interactive and finally into .


Intimate Acoustic Beginning

Welcome your guests with ambience and class. Soulful acoustic vibes will allow conversation to flow and relationships to form as the energy slowly builds in anticipation for the night ahead. 

Full Band Experience

By now your guests have become accustomed to the chilled early event atmosphere. With a few drinks under their belt, a number of laughs and conversations already had, they now crave something more. It’s time for an impact. Enter the beat, turn up the guitars, add some more instruments and turn down the lights. Whether it be dancing or singing or both, your guests will be part of an interactive showcase of live music to rival the sound of a full band, with lighting & singalongs tailored to any age group or demographic.

Party DJ Mode

Now let’s have some more fun. You’ve seen the Full Band Experience, almost lost your voice singing and danced till you dropped… but you’re not done. You still need to hear all your favourite songs and dance tracks in their original form, turned up loud so you can unleash your inner club monster. Expect strobe lights, dance floor smoke, shout outs and more song requests than you can count to bring the night home. Literally any song you want is only one click away on the iPhone, thanks technology!

Wind Down Phase

Last drinks has been called, guitar strings have been broken and the climatic last song of the night has been played. Amongst the cheering and high fives after a great evening an announcement is made to thank everyone for coming and the house lights come on. Atmospheric background tunes are played over the speakers at a gradually decreasing volume to incite goodbye hugs and well wishes between guests as they slowly exit and head home.

  • Ace Avenue Light
  • Ace Avenue Toned
  • Ace Avenue Ultimate

Intimate and mobile PA suitable for a lower volume setting event of up to 50 guests. Perfect for wedding ceremonies and canapes, especially those in remote locations such as beaches and parks without a power source. The Ace Avenue Light package has full capability to operate via battery power allowing full creative freedom when choosing your event location.

Standard inclusions:

  • 400W portable PA system with 4 channel mixer and small subwoofer for bass clarity
  • Acoustic guitar
  • 1 x cable connect microphone for lead vocals, speeches and announcements
  • Stomp box
  • iPhone connectivity for

Optional add ons:

  • 1x lighting tower with 4 x par 56 LED lights
  • 1 x wireless microphone for speeches & announcements
  • Effects pedals for acoustic guitar

*Note: 6hr max running time for battery powered events.

Powerful yet relatively compact package suitable for medium sized events from ~ 50 to 150 people. Ideal for wedding receptions and corporate parties where dancing will be involved.

Standard inclusions:

  • 1500W 3 way PA system with 10 channel mixer and large subwoofer for bass clarity and punch.
  • Acoustic Guitar with effects pedals
  • 1 x cable connect microphone for lead vocals
  • Stomp Box
  • iPhone connectivity for
  • 1 x lighting tower with 4 x par 56 LED lights
  • 1 x strobe light
  • 1 x smoke machine
  • 1 x wireless microphone for speeches & announcements
  • 1 x additional cable connect microphone for (as required)

Optional add ons:

  • Electric guitar with valve amp and pedals (creates more sound diversity and ability for guitar soloing during )

Large and powerful package suitable for large sized events from ~ 150 to 500 people. Ideal for large wedding receptions and corporate parties where dancing will be involved.

Standard inclusions:

  • 3000W 3 way PA system with 10 channel mixer and 2 x large subwoofers for bass clarity and punch.
  • Acoustic Guitar with effects pedals
  • 1 x cable connect microphone for lead vocals
  • Stomp Box
  • iPhone connectivity for
  • 2 x lighting tower with 8 x par 56 LED lights
  • 1 x strobe light
  • 1 x smoke machine
  • 1 x wireless microphone for speeches & announcements
  • 1 x additional cable connect microphone for (as required)

Optional add ons:

  • Electric guitar with valve amp and pedals (creates more sound diversity, song authenticity and ability for complete guitar soloing during )

The anticipation is high and preparations are complete for what will be the most special day for you and your partner. Knowing this too well, for Ace Avenue there is no bigger honour than to be selected to perform on your big day. In a collaborative approach, Ace Avenue can tailor all the aspects of his trademark Event Evolution to your needs to ensure that the entertainment is perfect for your big day, in whatever capacity you decide. Generally, Ace Avenue provides a comprehensive wedding experience including entertainment for the ceremony, canapes & reception combined.

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Canapes
  • Wedding Reception

Ace Avenue can provide just the right atmosphere for your wedding ceremony, utilizing the Ace Avenue Light Production Package.  Your guests will be entertained by Ace prior to ceremony commencing and before joining forces with your celebrant to ensure the ceremony flows perfectly.  Whether you would like to walk down the aisle to a live performance of your chosen song, or the original, anything is possible. 


Ace will work with you to ensure your ceremony moments are planned and executed to perfection. Ceremony Moments:

  • Bridal Party Entrance/ Walking Down the aisle
  • Signing of the register
  • Recession/ Exiting the ceremony

Standard Ceremony Durations:

  • Pre-ceremony live entertainment: ½ hour
  • Ceremony: ½ hour

Following the ceremony comes canapes, a chance for the guests to mingle and ease into the night, whilst the bridal party are off taking their wedding photos.  As for the ceremony, the Ace Avenue Light Production Package is perfect for this.  Your guests will be entertained live by Ace and MP3 music will be played through the speakers during each break to ensure that the atmosphere flows.  

Standard Canapes Durations:

  • Background MP3 music following ceremony: 20min
  • Ace Avenue Live Set: 50min
  • Background MP3 music following live set: 20min

Now it’s time to party and celebrate your happily ever after in style!  Ace Avenue’s Toned & Ultimate Production Packages are perfect for this phase of your day providing enough power to get the dance floor pumping along with a complimentary wireless microphone which is a must have for your MC and speeches.  But it’s the implementation of Event Evolution that will provide the perfect entertainment balance that gradually builds into a complete climax, leaving you and your guests completely satisfied.

The key is hitting the diversity.  Let’s be real, on one table you’ll have grandma and grandpa and on another you might have your 7 year old nephew, and they definitely wont be into the same music, and that’s not even considering everyone else in between!  By incorporating solo acoustic style, live full band, background MP3 and party DJ elements, there will be guaranteed something for everyone at your reception. This combined with Ace Avenue’s extremely diverse Set List covering the classics of multiple decades, you will get the best of everything.  But it goes further than that…

Too much of anything eventually becomes boring.  This is why Ace Avenue has invented the Event Evolution idea to ensure that the vibe and atmosphere is continually growing and changing to keep the audience interested.  It is a proven formula that has worked at numerous weddings and events over the years.


Ace will work with you to ensure your reception moments are planned and executed to perfection.  Whether these are to be performed live or via iPhone, it is all possible.  This will also be the time when your wedding reception timeline will be mapped out and all the music/ entertainment ideas will be confirmed.

Example Reception Moments:

  • Bridal Party Entrance
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First Dance
  • Father-Daughter Dance and/or Mother-Son Dance
  • Garter Toss
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Recession/ Exiting the Reception

Example Wedding Reception Time Line:

  • 6pm – Reception commences.  Introduction of Bridal Party.
  • 6pm – 6:40pm: Ace Avenue Live Intimate Acoustic Beginning: 40min
  • 6:40pm – 7:10pm: 1st Round Speeches.  MP3 background music played in gaps: 30min
  • 7:10pm – 7:50pm: Ace Avenue Live Intimate Acoustic Beginning: 40min
  • 7:50pm – 8:20pm: 2nd Round Speeches.  MP3 background music played in gaps: 30min
  • 8:20pm – 8:40pm: MP3 background music played. 20min
  • 8:40pm – 8:55pm: Cutting of Cake, First Dances
  • 8:50pm – 10:00pm: Ace Avenue Live Full Band Experience: 1hr 10min
  • 10:00pm – 10:10pm: Garter Toss/ Bouquet Toss
  • 10:10pm – 10:40pm: Ace Avenue Party DJ Mode: 30mins
  • 10:40pm- 11:00pm: Ace Avenue Live Full Band Experience or Party DJ Mode (Optional) 20mins
  • 11:00pm – 11:10pm: Recession/ Existing the reception song
  • 11:10pm – 11:30pm: Wind Down Phase MP3 Music
  • 11:30pm – Reception Closes

Looking to do something special for your spouse on your wedding day? Or maybe you’ve decided you want to propose and want to have a keepsake from the heart to really show them you care? What could be more heartfelt than a song written for your loved one, in your own words, to let them know how you feel? Let Ace Avenue help you!


Ace Avenue is an experienced songwriter and can assist you every step of the way in creating your masterpiece. In a collaborative setting, Ace will liaise with you to delve into the crux of your feelings and tap into those specific moments and words you’d like to express. Via a combination of face to face, skype, email and phone sessions, a song will be crafted using your words and ideas, massaged by Ace. All aspects such as style, tempo & arrangement will be considered during the consultation phase.

Once the song is complete it will be ready for either:

  • A surprise live performance of the song by Ace at your wedding, proposal or anniversary, with a live recording of the performance packaged and delivered to you following the event, or
  • A professional recording of the song in a studio by Ace prior to your event/ date and packaged to gift to your loved one at your convenience, or
  • Both. It’s up to you!

Need a song for another occasion? Anniversary? Birthday? Anything is possible. Contact Ace today to start your work of art!


There’s always one in every crowd. The guy or girl who gravitates towards the microphone at any chance they can get. The karaoke kings and queens of your friend group. Well lucky enough, live Karaoke singalongs are possible at your next event with Ace Avenue. If you know the words and are game enough to get on the mic the stage is yours. Take a look at Ace Avenue’s set list and if there’s a song that grabs your attention let him know at the event and he can make it happen. And if you’re slightly scared, don’t worry, Ace will sing with you… (until the big note in the chorus, then you’re on your own ha!). The additional microphone and stand required for Live Karaoke Singalongs is a standard item supplied within the Toned and at no additional cost.

Note: Live Karaoke Singalongs are always treated as an optional add on and will only be available at an event with the approval of the event organizer to ensure the desired event atmosphere is maintained.

COMING SOON: Projector Screen with lyrics!!!!!




Have you got a unique and remote location in mind for your ceremony? No problem, Ace Avenue’s Light Production Package has been tailor made to make performing remotely and without power a breeze!

Note: Outdoor locations are weather dependent. Ace cannot perform in the rain due to risk of equipment damage.


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  • "Hi Ace,
    No doubt quite a few of my family have already thanked you but you played at my aunt's wedding in Narrabri last weekend and agreeing to come back an dplay for us all at her place really made the event for her and for all of us. Thanks so much for being such a trooper. We had fun! "

  • "Ace was awesome! The music was a perfect mix and he really played to the energy of the crowd. We were a small wedding with 30 guests and every person was dancing all night, even the father-of-the-bride who *never* dances. He was accommodating to our requests to let a friend play some songs. "

  • "Seriously, how fabulous is this guy? He was absolutely inredible on Saturday, singing Alexander Bain and Ellen Auchterionie down the aisle in tear-jerking perfection, providing the perfect set during dinner and then rocking the party all night. We can't thank you enough ACE, you truly are amazing! x. "

  • "Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for organising Ace for the Cancer Council event for last Sat night in Wollongong. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Ace! He did an excellent job, worked with us and was available to be flexible. He was a wonderful performer and so well received by our guests. He had (and kept) the dance floor full his whole “dance set” and had people begging for more! "

  • "Ace, let me tell you firstly how everyone was raving about you and just how much we all enjoyed the night. It was everything I had hoped and more. I'm sorry about the water at the end. Ace can I do anything to help you on Facebook, like write about how amazing Saturday night was? Let me know. :-) Thank you very much you are one talented young man who will go a long way! "

  • "Ace was great on the night. We had lots of positive comments about him and he was very easy to work with. Our schedule ran a bit ahead of me which meant we had a larger gap than expected but he jumped back on stage when needed even with short break. "

  • "Ace sung and played at my daughters engagement party on Saturday 14th January 2017. Ace had everyone singing along and dancing all night. Our guests are still raving about the evening and were overwhelmed with just how talented Ace is and how much fun they had. I cannot express just how amazing this young mans voice is. He is a truly gifted entertainer. I thoroughly recommend booking Ace to sing at any special occasion you are planning. Thank you again Ace, we will definitely be booking you again. - Kerry. "

  • "We absolutely loved Ace and had many of our guests coming up to us and saying how great he was. Thank you so much Ace, we will certainly recommend you. Karin and Wolfgang "

  • "Ace was the best ever! Everyone at the event asked where did we get Ace from. It was a real pleasure to have such a great musical talent and a real gentleman at our event."


  • "You wouldn't believe how wonderful Ace was. He made our night so magical. I'm sure he has told you, but what he went through battling mini-tornadoes and power blackouts that made us have to move the entire wedding to our house. Setting up many times and really entertaining everyone through all of this. The poor guy didn't stop until Midnight! We are so appreciative. Everyone loved him and he was the topic of conversation for the next morning. What a top bloke. Pass on our best wishes and thanks to him."